Find out how to Make a Felted Cat Toy The Simple Manner

You may make a cute felted cat toy with this straightforward methodology of felting. The felted cat toy is hard and chewy like faux prey. It additionally has the “hairyness” to provide a way of realism on your little tiger… With out the charming hairball after impact.

These are lighter than the complete felt building, simpler and quicker to make, and have a bell inside for added pleasure. It is a easy and sensible option to recycle small quantities of wool fleece and yarn that may felt interactive cat toys B08V89FLBW.


Plastic ‘wiffle’ balls, any dimension, however the 13 to 33 sizes work greatest.

Wool fleece: 1/4 oz for small toy, 1/2 oz for giant toy

Small bells – 1 per ball

Plastic twist ties

White glue

Nylon stocking (legs solely) or knee-hi’s

Wire cutters or comparable reducing gadget

Washing Machine


1. Make 2 cuts to the plastic on both facet of 1 gap with the wire cutters in order that it creates a gap to push the bell by means of. Gently push the bell in by means of these cuts within the plastic in order that it’s now contained in the ball.

2. Apply a skinny layer of white glue to all exterior surfaces of the ball. You may wish to set this on a chunk of plastic or wax paper. Work quick sufficient in order that the glue doesn’t dry earlier than you apply the wool.

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